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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nike XC's - First Impression

I took the new Nike Zoom Stream XC's out for a good 1 hr. run this morning and, based on my first impression, I give them thumbs up. They felt good and performed well on road and trail surfaces. I have a medium foot and I ordered a 1/2 size larger than normal and I have room for my toes to spread. However, if you have anything near wide feet, they won't work for you.

They are light (5.9 oz.) and responsive and, again, I understand why elite runners wear shoes. It's just easier to run faster, that is, less effort to run the same paces. I didn't notice the 5mm heel differential but there is less ground feel than the MWU3's or any true minimalist footwear (i.e., Vibram’s, Feelmax, Terra Plana, etc.). However, it's a pretty solid sole so it was pretty responsive. I didn't put any heavy pace on the shoes as I wanted to break them in first and this was an easy run day for me. They appear to have enough protection for mountain trails so I will take them up to the mountains this weekend and give them a try.

I should be getting my Nike Katana Racr3’s today so I'll give them a try this weekend also. I'm working on narrowing my footwear to 3 different shoes which I will rotate on a daily basis, except the Mizuno Wave Universe 3's which will likely be my primary racing shoe.


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