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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Shoe Rotation

I've changed my running shoes considerably after realizing I needed a bit more protection for the type of training I do, and after having some issues with some of my minimalist shoes. As a result, here's my new shoe rotation which also addresses various weather and terrain variations.

1. Nike Zoom Streak XC. This is one of my daily training shoes. It’s a great all-surface shoe for road, trail and mountain running.

2. Nike Katana Racr3. This is other daily running shoe. It’s also great for road, rail and mountain running. I alternate the Streak XC and Katana for my daily runs.

3. Mizuno Wave Universe 3. The MWU3 is my track shoe. I use it solely for track intervals.

4. Barefoot. I continue to use barefoot running as a training tool. I run up to 1 mile barefoot each week, predominately as a warm-down after my track work-outs.

5. Terra Plana Evo. This is casual walking shoe. In the past, the Evo was my primary running shoe but due to blisters and other issues I decided to retire the Evo from my running shoe rotation and use it for walking. It’s a great casual walking shoe.

I never use the same shoe on back-to-back days, and my body feels great with this combination. It only took a few years to get here :) but it was well worth it.



  1. Sounds good. What about the Vibrams?

  2. I stopped running in the Vibram's last year. I think the Vibram's are great but just not enough of a shoe for serious training and racing.


  3. I've been toying with the idea of buying a pair for the past year, but since serious training and racing is my thing I think I will follow your lead and stay with minimalist shoes.
    I'll look for the Nikes but I don't think they are sold in Japan. My latest is Asics Sortie Japan Lyte - not sold in the US I'm sure - which are pretty light at 5.3oz (size 7-1/2). They're for racing.

  4. TokyoRacer, What about the Nike Spider R? I understand it's only available in Japan and it is the replacement shoe for the Nike Katana which I use but they have since been discontinued. This is the shoe Sammy W. wore when he won the London Marathon.

  5. TokyoRacer, the other amazing thing is the difference between Japan and the United Sates. You have access to so many cool light minimalist racing shoes and we have very limited choices as the U.S. is king of the over cushioned motion control shoes. I'm jealous.


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