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Friday, May 14, 2010

Finally, An American Runner I Can Relate To . . .

For those that don't know Chris Solinksy, he recently set the American 10k record (beating Meb's prior record set 9 years ago) of 26:59:60. This is the fastest time by a non-African born runner in this distance and no one in the world (neither Bekele, Tadese, Kogo or anybody else) has run that distance that fast this year.

What I didn't know was that Chris was 6' 3/4" and weighs between 164-166. He is the heaviest and tallest sub-27 guy in history. He is also the first 6-footer to broken 27 min. in the 10k. Who is the 2nd-tallest? Well, no other than Paul Tergat, who was 5'11. Conventional wisdom is that someone so tall and so heavy shouldn't be able to run so fast for such a long distance. He is a 1500 meter through 10,000 meter specialist.

Well, I'm delighted as I'm just a hair over 6 ft. and I weight between 162-166. Since I've been focusing on speed, something told me to only concentrate on shorter distances like the 5k/10k. Probably stating the obvious in the relation between height, weight, distance ad performance.

Looks like I found my sweet spot and a new American runner to follow closely.


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