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Monday, May 24, 2010

400 Miles & Still Going Strong

I passed the 400 mile mark with my Terra Plana Evo's and they are still going strong. I'm starting to believe that I could realistically put another 400 miles on them and perhaps push 1,000 mile mark. As I push forward to the 600 mile mark, they will turn out to be a great bargain at $160 considering it would take me 2 pair or regular running shoes at $100-$120 for that amount of mileage.

Without question, I can say overall the Evo is the best running footwear I've ever put on my feet (I also hit my 5k PR in them). Through trial and error I've discovered that I prefer the Evo without the insole. Ground feel is my #1 requirement (of course, a prerequisite for any footwear I choose is no motion control, no arch support and no heel build-up) and next to the VFF KSO, the Evo provides the best ground feel and, unlike the KSO, the Evo can be used in cold weather with warm socks and/or toe warmers.

The journey continues but I feel tremendously better than I did 1 yr. ago when my goals was simply to control pain as opposed to preventing pain as all regular running shoes just kill my feet.



  1. Good day,

    I just received my EVOs and they're great! :)

    I am thinking about removing the insole, but I'm afraid the inner sole will wear out (in other shoes it always wore out when I removed insoles).

    So, after 400 miles without insoles, how is the inner of your EVO's? :)


  2. I've done almost all my 400 miles without the insole, and it doesn't wear out the inner sole at all. The Evo was designed to be used with or without the insole. Seriously, I think I can get another 400 miles. I suspect eventually I will put a hole through the edge of the forefoot as I land on the outer part of the forefoot and naturally roll inward. Also, watch out for blisters on the big toe and/or the toe next to the big toe. I wear toe caps on each toe next to the big toe and haven't had any blister issues since. Although you probably have the 2nd gen Evo (I had a 1st gen and it was modified to address the blister issue).



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