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Thursday, October 15, 2009

What to do in Winter

Well, I've hit a snag with my VFFs. Let's just say they weren't built for cold temperature regions, like where I live. When it starts to dip below 32F, the VFFs are not built to adequately protect the foot from the cold and especially the toes. It is a double edge sword because this is what makes the VFFs so unique and great as they let you feel the ground but, in cold weather, the cold air travels from the ground right up the foot in VFFs as there's not much to block the transmission of cold air.

So, I've had to revert back to my racing flats. At least my flats are pretty minimal being about 6 oz. with a very basic construction and very little support especially at the heel. But, they are the same as running barefoot or in VFFs but compromise is required if I want to maintain my running schedule through the winter. So far, I've run 3 days in my racing flats without any injury or issues.

Let's hope that continues. I'll provide update as I continue to run through the winter.


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  1. Have you tried sizing up your VFF's 1 size up and wearing them with Injinji socks?


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