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Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Long Runs in VFFs

Had 2 great weekend runs, totaling 24 miles, over the weekend. One in my VFF Treks and the other in my VFF KSOs. Overall it was a good week, 50+ miles. Just to humor myself, I tried to put regular running shoes on my feet and I thought I would die. They felt like 20 lbs. on my feet and all the crap underneath was killing me . . . it's so evident that the foot does not need all that artificial arch, heel and foot support. My feet are getting so strong and the unaided body is unbelievable. But for the winters, I would go 100% barefoot so the next best thing is a thin rubber under my feet called Vibrams. That's all I need.

And, yes, I'm faster in VFFs than running shoes.

But, you all keep drinking the kool aid. It reminds about what a conformist society we live in. We do whatever is the norm and let others define the norm. It's really sad. Someone asked if I felt weird when people make comments and make a weird face because of my shoes. I laughed and said first of all, I laugh as I pass these folks because I run faster than they do but, more importantly, I have to thank my parents for teaching me to not care at all about what people think about me . . . and I never have worried or cared what they think about me. Life is way to short for that.



  1. I want to know more about your shoes. Pictures and links would be wicked. I'm so curious about trying less support too. For me it's not so much about conforming as much as it is about what's easy and conveient (ie. it's easy and convenient to go to the local running store and buy what they tell me I need). Anyways, please post pictures! Thanks!

  2. Below are the links to the Vibram KSOs and Treks. You will need to adapt to this natural type of running if your feet have been in shods for many years as is often the case. Your foot have more bones, ligaments and tendons than anywhere else in your body and you need to rebuild the muscles that are weak due to shoes. But once you do it, it is awesome.

    Here's the Vibram KSOs:

    Here's the Vibram Treks:

  3. Harry - A commenter on one of my blog posts sent me over here ... you have a great blog! Kudos to you for your progression in the VFFs. I'm a little ahead of you as far as overall running experience, and a little behind you in transitioning to Vibrams forever. Keep up the great running and writing.

  4. Thanks Donald. It's great to meet another runner. It's been a fun experience for me. I picked it up after I couldn't play basketball anymore (I played Div.I and then many years of pro level leagues). The running shoes definitely hurt me although I can't do barefoot 100% with the harsh winters. So, it VFFs.


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