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Monday, September 29, 2014

Nothing more to say . . .

"Ironically, the closest we have ever come to an "ideal" shoe was the original lightweight, soft-sole, heel-less, simple moccasin, which dates back more than 14,000 years. It consisted of a piece of crudely tanned but soft leather wrapped around the foot and held on with rawhide thongs. Presto! custom fit, perfect in biomechanical function, and no encumbrances to the foot or gait."

"It took four million years to develop our unique human foot and our consequent distinctive form of gait, a remarkable feat of bioengineering. Yet, in only a few thousand years, and with one carelessly designed instrument, our shoes, we have warped the pure anatomical form of human gait, obstructing its engineering efficiency, afflicting it with strains and stresses and denying it its natural grace of form and ease of movement head to foot. We have converted a beautiful thoroughbred into a plodding plowhorse."

Nothing more to say . . . there is, unfortunately, no perfectly designed running shoe (yet).  The closest for me is the Puma H-Street.  The VivoBarefoot Evo has the most potential but they continue to miss the boat as it's too heavy and causes blisters.  If someone ever combined the best attributes of the H-Street and Evo, it would be a beautiful thing.


  1. Harry, do you have a link to the source of that quote?

  2. Yep, it's from an article by William Rossi . . . Why Shoes Make "Normal" Gait Impossible (how flaws in footwear affect this complex human function) . . . here's the link . . . it's good stuff.


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