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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why we are over-weight

Well, generally speaking and specific conditions excluded, we eat too damn much. I got a bit lazy with my eating and quickly gained 10 lbs. I'm usually about 160 lbs. at 6 ft. and I quickly gained 10 lbs. just eating too much and quickly found out it was too much added weight for my running regime.

In the past, I had a simple rule. Only eat 50-75% of what's on my plate especially since here in America the restaurants give us ungodly servings anyway. Well, I started to eat it all and there you go. This week and went back to eating 50% of what's on my plate and I almost immediately lost 5 lbs. and I still feel great. Of course, it's also about what you eat as much as how much you eat.

I generally follow 2 simple rules. Don't eat fast food which I haven't done in 5+ years and eat 50-75% of what you are given . . . try it.


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