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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Technology Killed the Runner just like Video Killed the Radio Star . . .

It seems like every runner I pass has more and more crap (or I guess you call it technology) on their bodies. Everything from iPods to GPS watches to Heart Rate Monitors to belt clips and the list goes on and on. One would believe that we never were able to just run without help from one or more of these gadgets.

While I don't run with any of that crap (sorry, technology) as I believe in learning to run naturally which is all about "running by feel," which includes mental, spiritual and physical awareness, I found myself using a compression sock a few days ago and after a few days I ripped that bad boy off and let me body naturally do its thing and a few days later, everything is fine again. We just refuse to acknowledge or believe in the ability of the human body. The human body is one of the most amazing devices in the galaxy but we like to (try to) be smarter than we actually are . . . we are commonly to smart for our own good.

When is the last time you went running with nothing more than clothes and a pair of shoes (or barefoot for my barefoot friends)? No watch, no HRM, etc. . . . nothing but yourself while would require you to listen to your body and try to interrupt the messages it is sending you. Do you have any idea how many messages the body sends the brain while running in just 30 minutes . . . thousands of messages but it does no good if we block all those messages.


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  1. Good point!
    The Naked Runners say almost the same thing.


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