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Friday, January 27, 2012

Don't lose too much weight . . . running alone only takes you so far . . .

I met Teresa in Denver last summer while she was attending a
conference that included Dr. Lieberman. We had a fascinating
discussion and she talked a lot about all around conditioning and
being in good shape from activities beyond just running including
weight lifting. I thought about it for months and when my weight
dropped to early 150 lbs. (I'm 6ft.), I just didn't feel right and I
felt weak although my running was fine as was my performance times,
but I still didn't feel strong (and I didn't feel right).

So, I started core work and upper body lifting (light stuff; not for
muscle but for strength) and within 6 weeks, I gained back 15-20 lbs.
I now float between 165-170 lbs. and I feel stronger than ever, and I
feel much better as a runner. Another benefit, my wife is very
happy :) . . . she describes me as looking like a 800 meter runner as
opposed to a marathoner and that's what she likes and I honestly have
to agree . . . throughout the day, I'm just stronger. I didn't change
anything other than adding the core and upper body workouts.

I share this to thank Teresa as we all help each other on this site
and I also want to thank Sean b/c I've watched his dailymile workouts
and he does a great job of all around conditioning and having meet
Sean in person, he is in great shape and strong. I also share this as
it may resonate with others. You see all the super skinny runners and
yes, losing weight does help running and even speed perhaps but
there's a break point where you can go too far.

I'm finally back to my effortless running, just floating along. So
thanks to Teresa and Sean and maybe this helps someone else.


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