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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Breathing Through The Nose

For the 3rd day in a row, I've been breathing through the nose while I run . . I just started this. Pretty amazing impact and reaction by the body. Based on articles I've read, your body calms down and you run more relaxed. So far, that's been the case for me.

It's hard to do but getting easier. Your body has a natural reaction to want to open the mouth and take in more air (basic emergency instinct reaction) but that doesn't correlate to better performance nor does it improve Vo2 max levels or result in more oxygen converted to energy. In fact, breathing through you nose is unhealthy and can increase your changes of sickness and injury.

Today, I was able to breath through the nose for 5 or my 6 mile run and that included a 1 minute surge sub 6:00 min. pace.

Try it.


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