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Friday, May 11, 2012

And so the beat goes on . . . the next plateau

No question I've crossed another successful threshold in my running life.  It's amazing what you learn about life and yourself from running.  A few random things as I continue my journey.

1.  In the near ending quest for the perfect running shoe, I found a shoe that surpassed the Nike XC and it's old school.  It's the Puma H-Street.  Yes, they are back.  These are in that group of the original minimalist footwear and was an all-time favorite of ultra runner Anton K.  I started running in these puppies several weeks ago and they are excellent.  Just a big better than the Nike XC b/c they are lower to the ground, no arch support and they fit my foot like a glove (note:  these are not for wider foot folks).  This is the new Terra Plana failed to develop with the Evo.  This is what the Evo should have been.  And the best part, I bought 2 pair for $35 each and they'll last thousands of miles.

2.  I don't do the "pain" thing anymore.  I'll run hard, although 90% of my running is nice and very easy, but even when I run hard, I will "within my breath" as is preached by Fred Rohe in "The Zen of Running."  As a result, I've lost about :30 - :45 sec. per mile when I run hard.  I run in the 6:30 pace range vs. 5:45-6:00 pace range but I run longer at that pace and, more importantly, I run happier.

3.  I still "run by feel," and it's the best thing I ever decided to do.  I run 20, 30, 40 days consecutively and I'm able to do it b/c I run by feel.  I do what my body wants to do each day.  I don't run with a watch, garmin, heart rate monitor, or any of that crap.  All those devices do is block the natural communication path between the body and mind and that's dangerous, in my humble opinion.  I basically run for 1 hr. every day and every 7-10 days, I stretch out a 90-100 min. run and only when my body says "go," then I'll throw in some hard runs, generally in the 15-30 min. range.

4.  Trails rock, streets suck.  If you believe surfaces don't matter in terms of impact to the body, I think you are crazy, at least with respect to this subject.

5.  I love life!!! Of course, the main reason is my wonderful wife and beautiful kids but I'll include running b/c it has changed my life.  I'm about 5,000 hrs. into running and half way to meeting that 10,000 hr. threshold everyone talks about.  I look forward to the journey to that destination but running has made me a better husband, father and person.  God gave me the ability to run so I thank God . . . thanks God!!!

Ok, enough and back to life (and running).




  1. Thanks for sharing your journey :) Your point of view is always an inspiration for me.

  2. Ditto to what BG said. Harry it is interesting to read about your journey. Thank you for posting.

    I do have a question for foot measures 4" wide. From what you can tell about the Pumas, is my foot to wide for this shoe? How wide is your foot.

    Thanks again,

  3. Thanks BG and Scott.

    Scott, the widest part of my foot is 3.5" wide. I like shoes that fit my feet like a glove so generally I just need a thumb space for my forefoot which is why I order 1/2 size larger.

  4. Harry,

    Am I correct in assuming that you are not so worried about having the shoe too long but how it fits in the forefoot and heel?

  5. Scott, I always try to run in the most minimalist (and lowest to the ground) shoe as possible given the terrain. I'm a fan of a single shoe for both roads, trails and mountains so it's hard to satisfy me (I hate having multiple shoes for different purposes so I avoid that). As such, how low to the ground is important to me as it improves stability and balance as you get lower to the ground. The Puma is lower to the ground than the XC (about 12-13mm vs. 19-21mm) which is a material difference. I can't definitely feel the ground better and that's as important to me as forefoot/heel fit . . . they are equally importantly in my opinion.

  6. Hi,
    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

    1. Hi David, please feel free to ask you question here and I'll reply.




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