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Sunday, April 29, 2012

H-Streets are back baby!!!

65 min. recovery run in the classic Puma H-Streets:

Walking through the mall, my eyes popped out of my head when I saw the Puma H-Street's back on the market. These are the original minimalist running shoes before all the news fancy stuff that's available today. They are very simple, light (5 oz), with minimal protection and no support. The only downside is they are on the narrow side which isn't an issue for me as I don't have wide feet. I picked up a pair of these puppies for $30 (well, $60 b/c I had to buy 2 pair) and each pair will last well over 2,000 miles (I know folks that have run over 5,000 miles in one pair).
They are very similar to the Nike XC but closer to the ground and cheaper. The XC without the insole is similar to the H-Street with the insole. Without the insole, the H-Street is definitely a more minimalist shoe but without the insole, I can't run on some of the trails so I keep the insole.
I just can't believe they re-released this shoe (of course, they never should have discontinued it . . . these are classics).

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